5 Gifts Every Coffee Lover Needs

The pumpkins are slowly disappearing from your neighbor’s porches, and Thanksgiving turkeys are starting to crowd the grocery store meat freezers. As the year begins to wind down into the final months, we’re reaching many people’s favorite season of the year; the holiday season! The weather gets colder while houses get warmer, clothes get thicker and woolier, and all of the coffee lovers out there are trying to get their last few sips of cold brew before it’s strictly hot coffee time.

It’s hard to find somebody who doesn’t love something in this season, but shockingly, many people have a common complaint around this time each year. Between the festivities, enormous family dinners, and cold-weather fun, it can sometimes feel impossible to find the perfect gift for all the people in your life! Naturally, not everybody has this dilemma, but for everyone trying to give a great gift, finding the right one can be a whole lot of pressure. 

Unfortunately, we can’t help you find the perfect gift for everyone in your life, but we can help you come up with some ideas for a specific type of person; the resident coffee-lover in your life! With the number of people that drink coffee daily around the globe, there’s more than a good chance one or more of your friends is a certified coffee nut. If that sounds like somebody you know, then you’re in luck.

We’ve gathered a little list of coffee-themed gifts for this holiday season, with the hopes of making everyone’s holidays slightly easier. Not every gift is guaranteed to be a hit, but at the very least, this list should point you in the right direction. Without further ado, let's pour another cup of joe, get comfy on the couch, and get started!

Coffee Gift Ideas

The good news is, thanks to coffee’s worldwide popularity and a coffee industry that loves innovation, there are plenty of gifts and gift ideas for the taking. Our small list of five gifts barely scratches the surface, so if you don’t see an idea that you like here, we recommend you keep digging through the web! That being said, we tried to appeal to a broad audience of coffee enthusiasts in this list, so it’s at the very least a good starting point.

Reusable Coffee Filter

To kick things off, we wanted to take the sustainable route! If your friend tends to make their own brews at home, this might be the perfect gift. Keep in mind that this won’t work for every at-home coffee drinker, so be sure you know what method they use to brew their coffee! For example, if they use a french press or espresso maker to make their java every day, this won’t be a very useful item. 

However, for pour-over coffee, drip coffee machines, and even single-serving coffee-pod machines, there are now reusable coffee filters that can replace your old paper filters. Made from canvas, stainless steel, or other types of mesh, these filters significantly cut down on paper waste from coffee! If your friend loves the environment as much as they love their cup of joe in the morning, this is a stellar gift to give.  

Coffee Subscription Service

It seems like just about anything and everything these days has a subscription service...and coffee is no exception! 

We’ve been rocking the coffee subscription trend since we first started, and now ten years later, we’re seeing more and more pop up across the globe. If you haven’t seen one before, a coffee subscription gift is one of the best ways to consistently get freshly roasted coffee without having to go directly to the roaster! 

Through Amora, you get regular shipments of fresh coffee beans sent straight to your door at the click of a button; and you can set up a gift subscription in barely any time at all. Just go to our subscription page, add some details for your friend, and watch them receive their gift of coffee from the mail.

Travel Mug

What about the friend that always seems to be running from one place to another? Maybe they travel a lot for their job, or they love to take vacations whenever they can. Whatever the reason, getting them a personalized travel mug could be a great way to combine two of their interests. 

Travel mugs come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, designs, and colors, so there’s always going to be a wide variety to choose from! A travel mug is consistently one of the best gifts for coffee lovers because they are durable, reusable, and unquestionably practical. 

Don’t know what to choose? Our personal favorite is our Amora Coffee Travel Mug

Milk Frother

Lattes are often people’s most significant reason for getting their coffee from a coffee shop in the morning. Lattes are more challenging to make at home than most other coffee drinks, especially without a barista-level espresso machine! However, with the relatively cheap purchase of a milk frothing wand, you can help make your friend’s latte dreams a reality. 

Naturally, a milk frother isn’t the only way to get foamy, steamed milk for a latte, but it definitely ranks among the cheapest and most convenient options. You can go for a simple handheld wand or something a little more advanced

Tip: You might also want to include a milk/milk alternative with this gift! Consider it a “start-your-own-latte” kit.    

A Bag Of Coffee

Finally, if none of these gifts sound like something your friend would like,e you could always stick with the tried and true classic; a bag of specialty coffee. With such a large, worldwide industry, there are nearly endless types of coffee that you can gift. If you choose this route, just be sure to remember a few things. 

  • Freshly roasted coffee- Most grocery store coffee is weeks old by the time it gets to the shelf, so buying directly from the roaster or companies like Amora will guarantee a fresher coffee.
  • Whole Bean or Ground? - Ensure your friend has a coffee grinder, or make sure the coffee you gift is pre-ground. 
  • Extra Accessories - Sometimes, a bag of coffee can feel a little inadequate as a gift, so consider packaging it together with some other coffee accessories. Any of our above suggestions could make for a good package deal with a bag of coffee, or you can do something entirely different. 

Coffee For All

Even though this list is for all the coffee lovers out there, here at Amora, we make coffee (and tea) for everyone to enjoy. By emphasizing freshly roasted beans and by shipping directly to your front door, we’ve created an incredible coffee “ecosystem” that you and all your loved ones can enjoy. 

Check out our delicious collections of coffee and tea, or read more on our blog!

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