8 Common Mistakes When Brewing Coffee

We all love to make our coffee at home, but how often does it taste like your favorite coffee shop? The answers may be more simple than you think.

Try our guide to get the most out of brewing your coffee at home and the most common mistakes. These tips will help you become a pro!

1. Pouring Your Coffee into a Cold Cup

One of the most common mistakes when preparing your cup of joe is pouring it into a cold mug. This mistake can significantly affect the temperature of your hot coffee. Optimize your “sipping” time by warming the mug before pouring your coffee. We recommend boiling water while waiting for the coffee to brew and pouring it into the cup to warm it up. Then, empty the water out before pouring the coffee. If you plan on using a pour-over method, it’s also a good practice to rinse that out before adding your coffee grounds.

2. Using Old Beans

Sadly, many coffee companies out there don’t care about the freshness of their beans. The longer the grounds wait to brew, the more the flavor goes away. That’s why we recommend the Amora Coffee beans- hand-picked beans in foil-lined bags while still warm to protect the flavor and aroma. We make sure our beans are roasted in the United States by fifth-generation Master Roasters devoted to bringing you the perfect coffee cup. We ship it directly to you to assure premium freshness and taste.

Learn more about beans and the roasting process here!

3. Not Using Hot Water

Many of our commonly-used coffee pots don’t reach the right water temperature for brewing coffee, which means the coffee doesn’t get its full flavor potential! The ideal brewing temperature for water is around 200 degrees. To make sure you’re reaching this- we recommend the french press or pour-over method. If you let the water cool, your coffee will be weaker.

4. Not Using the Right Measurements

If you find yourself “eyeballing” the measurements--not making sure they are exact--you could be depriving yourself of the full flavor potential of your beans. If you do accurately measure, this will make sure the coffee strength is correct! The water to coffee ratio is also extremely important. We recommend using two heaping tablespoons of coffee grounds per one cup of water and modifying as needed if you prefer a stronger or weaker cup of coffee.

5. Not Cleaning the Filter Basket

If you are using a coffee maker only occasionally, the chances are that you may not be cleaning and removing old grounds after brewing. If the grounds are left for a couple of days after use, the filter basket’s environment can cause mold growth. Not something you want to include while making your coffee!

6. You’re Storing Your Coffee in the Wrong Place

There are many right places to store your coffee, but you should know the wrong ones. Avoid putting your coffee grounds or beans in a damp spot. What you may not know is that humidity can hide in the back of your pantry as well as your freezer! Keep it away from these places and store it in a dry cabinet for the best results.

7. Type of Water Used

Brewing your coffee with regular tap water can alter the taste and aroma. If you practice switching regular water out of the sink for filtered water, you can elevate your coffee’s standard and remove the taste’s impurities.

8. Using the Wrong Grind for a Given Brew Style

Don’t skip this one! Many people don’t know that you need to grind your beans for the brew you use. If your grounds are too coarse, it will mean that you won’t have enough flavor out of the coffee. If your grounds are also fine, it can mean your taste can be overpowering and unpleasant. Here’s more information about using the right coffee grinder for the best tasting brew.

Using Amora Coffee

Here at Amora Coffee, our mission is to bring freshly roasted coffee to all Americans, driven by our passion for coffee. Since 2011, we’ve delivered on our promise to use the finest beans and a nine-stage roasting process. We cut out the middle man and ship directly to your doorstep! With this, the coffee is ensured fresh and hasn’t traveled from distribution centers before sitting on store shelves for months or years.

All of us here at Amora is dedicated to making your membership a source of delight. Your satisfaction is 100 percent guaranteed.

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