A Guide To Choosing The Right Coffee Machine

For many of us, there’s no better way to start the day than a delicious cup of coffee.

As technology advances and the popularity of coffee soars worldwide, the number of options for finding and making coffee is more plentiful than ever. From coffee shops to kitchen counters, it seems like the availability and variety of coffee makers are at an all-time high.

So, which type of coffee machine is right for you? The answer depends on a few factors: what kind of coffee you like, what your budget is, how much space you have and how much time you have to spend on brewing coffee.

To make this process simpler for you, the dedicated coffee lover, we’ll break down several of the best home coffee machines and why they may be the ideal option for you:

French Press

Unlike many standard coffee makers, which rely on a filter to extract your beverage, French Press machines use oil and flavor from your grounds to enhance the flavor of your coffee.

Perfect for creating coffee with flavor and personality, this compact machine can cost as little as $20, meaning that the reliably delicious coffee it makes won’t break the bank. Small enough to rest on the counter or in a kitchen cabinet, it’s also easy to transport without occupying much space.

Using three simple components, a carafe, a plunger and a lid, French Press machines are as renowned for their simplicity and ease of use as they are for creating reliably fantastic coffee.

In fact, many people consider the French Press the best coffee machine because it allows anyone to make high-quality coffee without the expertise, cost or time commitment of other brewing styles.

By following the brewing process detailed in our How To Make French Press Coffee guide, you’ll soon be able to use this machine to enjoy your favorite Amora coffee blends.

Cold-Brew Coffee Maker

If hot coffee isn’t your thing, cold-brew can be an excellent, refreshing alternative.

Seen as the up-and-comer in the world of coffee, cold-brew is often one of the most ordered styles of coffee in shops and cafes -- but can you make it at home?

Yes! Quite easily, in fact. Besides cooling you down, cold-brew machines are relatively inexpensive (as little as $30), remarkably easy to use, delightfully compact and can last up to two weeks in your fridge in an airtight container.

Perfect for brewing Amora’s cold brew blend, this machine is a reliable way to brew multiple quarts of your favorite, ice-cold coffee without having to make daily runs to crowded, overpriced coffee chains.

Typically consisting of a filter, a lid and a pitcher, cold-brew machines are easily prepped and just require you to store them in the fridge overnight.

All you have to do is head to bed, then when you wake up in the morning, voila! Delicious, plentiful cold-brew coffee.

Pod Coffee Maker

One of the most popular coffee machines for the at-home enthusiast, pod coffee makers are a staple in many homes. But are they worth the hype?

Solid for single-serve style java, this coffee maker sets itself apart with its ease-of-use, making it a reliable option for busy mornings and stressful days.

While some popular models can be relatively expensive (as high as $250+), there are also basic varieties available for as little as $50.

Ranging from light to dark roast and featuring popular flavors like caramel and chocolate, pods can be a good choice for the coffee fan who simply wants “regular” coffee quickly, without time for the bells and whistles that give coffee its personality.

The primary drawbacks of this machine might seem obvious, but let’s break them down anyways:

First, they emphasize speedily making standard coffee, rather than carefully or lovingly making a cup of joe that truly stands out. Unfortunately, this means you won’t be able to use delicious Amora coffee or tea blends with this admittedly bulky coffee machine.

Secondly, with so many pod coffee makers on the market, the number of discarded, non-recyclable coffee pods in the US continues to skyrocket. If the health of our environment is essential to you, this can be a significant con of purchasing a pod coffee maker.

Note: If you do enjoy the simplicity and convenience of the pod coffee maker, some models allow for reusable pods -- which you can fill with your favorite Amora coffee grounds.

Drip Coffee Maker

Ideal for brewing multiple cups of coffee at once, this coffee machine is a jewel on the kitchen counters of coffee lovers who like putting the extra effort into their brew.

Using a filter for your coffee grounds, a container for water and a glass carafe for your finished coffee, this neat machine combines traditional coffee tools with modern brewing technology to create consistently flavorful coffee.

While this highly-rated option can cost you anywhere from $30-200, the value of this machine is in both the quantity and quality of delicious coffee it can make.

Differing from pod-based models, drip coffee relies on coffee grounds rather than single-serve offerings. Besides the obvious increase in flavor and quality, this also means you’ll be able to make more than one cup of coffee at a time. This increase is ideal for families or offices looking to upgrade their coffee machine.

Additionally, thermal carafes, a standard feature of many drip coffee makers, will allow you to keep your coffee warm for hours at a time. This benefit will enable you to enjoy multiple cups of coffee throughout your day without having to stop and brew another batch.

For more details on how to craft the perfect cup of coffee, feel free to check out our ultimate brewing guide for all the pointers you need.

Amora: Your New Home for Coffee

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