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If you’ve never had a side hustle, you might not understand why people do extra work outside of the work they already do. Sure, some people might do it just to make a little more money, but for the most part, side hustles are born out of dreams and passions. Steve Jobs created Apple in the spare time between jobs, Facebook started as a college project, and Twitter was a side hustle from the beginning

Here at Amora, we know all about side hustle; because that’s how Amora got its start! From just a single idea, born at a tour of a small roasting facility, to the Amora you know and love today, our founders Jim and Marina have worked tirelessly to create the dream that they envisioned. It’s been quite a journey over the last ten years, and we’re thrilled to still be brewing, roasting, and sharing our coffee with you, our extraordinary customers.

To continue our celebration of the last decade, we’re taking this article to look at how Amora got to where it is today! From brewing coffee at our roasters for the first time to naming and building Amora from the ground up, every step of the way has been a whirlwind of learning, growing, and lots of coffee! 

The Very Beginning

Even though Amora just turned ten years old, its story goes back about 30 years ago, to the early ’90s. This was the era before the true “boom” of gourmet specialty coffee, a world where the fanciest coffee you could find was “vanilla-flavored”, and the words “cold-brew” were practically meaningless. Fresh coffee straight from the roaster wasn’t an option, and your local coffee shop probably wasn’t the hub that coffee shops have become today.

It was in this world that Jim and Marina learned the trade of coffee inside and out. For about 20 years, the two of them learned the coffee business from one of the very earliest home coffee delivery services, a company that would set the trend for years to follow. These 20 years gave Jim and Marina invaluable experience, by learning how to sell coffee and what made a successful coffee business, and by learning about the nuances of coffee itself! 

By the time the mid-2000s came around, the idea of Amora was well on its way to reality. All that idea needed was a little spark.

The Spark

As luck would have it, that spark came in the form of a small-batch coffee roaster. By this point in time, Jim and Marina knew they wanted to begin a coffee business, but they knew they had to do it the right way. To them, that meant no more stale bags of coffee sitting on grocery store shelves and no more low-quality, poorly-roasted coffee beans. The answer to both? Small-batch roasted coffee. Small batches allow us to sort through the raw, green coffee beans to find the very best to roast. Whether you’re buying whole bean coffee or pre-ground bags from us, you know that the coffee is going to be fresh and roasted with care. 

On vacation in 2010, Jim and Marina found their roaster. A few cups of joe and one meeting later, they knew that they had found the right place to start. By 2011, Amora Coffee had started on its journey!

What’s In A Name?

Armed with a roaster and business plan, the last domino to fall seemed like it would be the easiest; the name! The name couldn’t just be anything, however. It had to mean something. However, after several attempts, Amora was still at a standstill, nameless. Every name had been taken, and with their options running slim, Jim and Marina sat down over a bottle of wine to brainstorm.

Then, the idea hit them. As the aroma of the wine wafted through the room, the connections all came together. Aroma spelled backward becomes Amora, a word that is meaningless in English but translates to “love” in Italian. There could be no other name for a company born out of the love for coffee, run by the children of Italian immigrants. 

And like that, Amora became a reality!

What We’ve Become

Our mission has always been to bring you, the customer, the freshest coffee possible. If we could serve you fresh coffee beans straight from the farm, we would! From when we first started to today, that mission has never changed, and to accomplish that mission, we’ve stuck to our guns from the beginning. 

From our very first shipments, sent from a tiny tin shed in the parking lot of our roaster to our warehouse, sending out millions of bags each year, we hand package every bag of coffee. This means that we can eliminate every burnt bean and make sure every roast is as close to perfect as possible. 

We’ve been roasting beans in identical 60-pound batches, using the same specialized 9-step roasting process that we refined all those years ago. 

Our Master Roaster still cups and tastes every batch we send out, testing for taste, quality, and everything that makes your favorite coffee. 

Amora is a company designed for the love of coffee and nothing more. We wanted to share our passion with the world, and we’re thrilled to see what it has become! And while there has been plenty of work on our end, none of the last ten years would be possible without your love and support. A coffee subscription service can’t succeed without customers who love a fresh bag of coffee as much as we do. You are the reason we continue our coffee journey to this day, and we can’t wait for the next ten years of Amora!

Cheers to 10 Years!

We’re still celebrating our Anniversary, and we’d love for you to celebrate with us! Try our two limited-time-only coffee blends, part of our 10-year anniversary collection! Don’t sleep on these fantastic celebratory products; they’ll be gone before you know it! 

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