As Coffee Prices Surge, We Make Sure to Keep Ours the Same

As Coffee Prices Surge, We Make Sure to Keep Ours the Same

Throughout the years, we have encountered our fair share of coffee drinks. While each has its own unique characteristics, one aspect that ties these coffees together is their rising prices. As the demand for quality coffees increases, coffee prices go up.

Raw coffee prices have gone up by nearly 40%. With several factors at play –– like the COVID-19 pandemic, increased shipping rates, and consumer demand increasing –– will you have to pay more for your daily caffeine hit?

Here at Amora, we say no. We’ve made it our goal to provide high-quality coffee for all caffeine fans in the United States. Even though we keep high standards for our products, we will not give you higher prices in return. 

Why? Great coffee should be available for all, not just people that are able to pay more. 

The coffee world has changed. As a result, drinkers are left scratching their heads and asking why their morning cup is breaking the bank. To clear things up for you, here is the current coffee situation and why prices are at a high. 

Why Are Coffee Prices Going Up?

The rise in coffee prices can be traced back to three things: increased shipping rates, bad weather, and a spike in demand.

Shipping Issues

Ever since the pandemic started, shipping has drastically changed. This situation is deeply layered, but to put it bluntly: supply chains and trade channels have been disrupted, making it cost more to send out a single shipping container. On top of this, shipping is most likely going to be delayed due to COVID-19 shipping restrictions.

Climate Change In Brazil

Another reason for this price spike is due to environmental issues in Brazil. Brazil is the largest producer and exporter of coffee in the world. The country’s climate allows its plantation fields to produce large quantities of Arabica and Robusta beans.

However, recent weather activity has greatly affected Brazil’s coffee production. Earlier in 2021, a severe drought reduced the number of coffee cherries grown on plantations. Later that year, an intense wave of frosts damaged the fruit and coffee trees. Coffee trees can take up to five years to mature, so it will take quite some time for them to recover from the damage.

More People Want Coffee

The demand for coffee has exponentially grown for three reasons. 

One of these includes the need for caffeine. Some people work in the early morning or night. It’s hard not to feel tired during these times, so people want an extra boost of energy. In order to get that quick pick-me-up, they can easily make a cup of coffee at home.

Also, similar to alcohol, coffee has become a “social drink.” There’s a reason why coffee shops are popular. They offer a pleasant environment, where visitors can study, socialize, or just enjoy a steaming cup of joe with an old friend.

Finally, there is a wide selection of coffees available. Take a look at your favorite coffee shop’s menu. We're willing to bet that they sell hot coffee, iced coffee, lattes, cappuccinos, espressos, macchiatos, and more. There are even coffees that cater to alcohol lovers, like Irish Coffee. 

Everyone has their personal preferences when it comes to beverages. So, naturally, there are several options to accommodate every coffee connoisseur.

Amora’s Mission

Ever since we started Amora, our goal has remained the same.

We want every American to have freshly roasted coffee in their hands. To accomplish this task, we created a simple and efficient way to bring you delicious coffee. By using the finest coffee beans and a 9-stage roasting process, we can get the best coffee for our customers. 

What makes things better is that we cut out the middle man, so our coffee does not travel between distribution centers and grows stale over time. Instead, we ship directly to your door. Though our process prevents us from making a large roast, that doesn’t matter in the end. Remember: quality should always be over quantity! 

However, please do not assume quality means more expensive. No one should be paying an obscene amount for a cup of coffee. We prefer to give you coffee that simply tastes great and has a reasonable price. 

Consistent Prices

Speaking of reasonable prices. The recent surge in the cost of coffee has left some thinking that they’ll have to save extra cash for their favorite drink. If you like our products but are concerned about a price increase, put all those worries away. 

Coffee should be available for everyone at a decent price. Price increases are an intimidating thing to deal with, but we are here to help! Our subscription service ensures that you’ll get great coffee in a convenient fashion. 

If you have questions or concerns about our coffee blends, please reach out to us. Also, visit our Bean Blog for more coffee tips, tricks, and recipes for you to try.

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