Caffeinated Cocktail: Flaming Spanish Coffee

With winter finally over, nothing feels better than taking in spring. Now that the sky is sunny and fresh weather lies in store for us, it’s time to enjoy the new year. How? When you have some downtime at home, simply drinking a tasty beverage can be more than enough.

Two of our favorite drinks of all time are coffee and cocktails. Hot coffee gives you a great boost of energy with a delicious taste and aroma. Meanwhile, cocktails allow you to get a little buzz going while also enjoying a variety of flavors. 

While they are both good on their own, why not combine coffee and cocktails into one drink? This is where a Flaming Spanish Coffee cocktail comes in. 

Flaming Spanish Coffee helps you relish the day by bringing caffeinated sweetness straight to your tastebuds. However, what makes this drink different from coffee and cocktails alone is its preparation, appearance, and taste. 

If we have grabbed your attention, let’s find out what this beautiful caffeinated cocktail has in store for you!

What Is Flaming Spanish Coffee?

Flaming Spanish Coffee originated from Huber’s Cafe in Portland, Oregon in the 1970s. The drink served as an American adaptation of the Spanish drink, carajillo. 

Carajillo is a coffee cocktail that’s popular in Spain and Latin American countries, like Mexico, Cuba, and Colombia. By using espresso and a liqueur called Licor 43, carajillo combines vanilla, cinnamon, anise, and orange blossom notes with the classic coffee taste.

What makes Spanish Coffee unique is how it’s created. In order to caramelize the sugar around the glass’s rim, you have to light the rum on fire. The sugar rim of the glass brings out sweet and appealing flavors in Spanish Coffee. 

Caffeinated Cocktail: Flaming Spanish Coffee made with Amora

Disclaimer: Remember safety should be your number one priority. If you want to try making a Flaming Spanish Coffee, please do so at your own risk. We’ll go over safe ways to make the drink. However, keep in mind: 

Amora is not liable for any damages that might occur while creating this drink. All responsibility falls on the person that follows this recipe.

Safety Precautions

There are safe ways to to use fire when mixing up a cocktail. Keep reading to learn more. 

One option includes a kitchen torch. A kitchen torch is a safe and easy-to-use utensil, which is designed to apply high heat to a variety of foods. Alternatively, you can use match sticks or a barbecue lighter. Always use with caution.

Also, we recommend using a tempered glass coffee mug or a heat-resistant cocktail glass (like an Irish coffee glass) when making the drink. A quality glass makes sure accidents are less likely to happen.

Now that we’ve covered the safety precautions let’s get into the fun stuff.

Spanish Coffee Ingredients

  • Tempered glass coffee mug or heat resistant cocktail glass
  • Lemon juice or lemon wedge
  • Granulated sugar
  • Aged rum
  • Kitchen torch, match, or barbecue lighter
  • Freshly grated nutmeg 
  • Cinnamon
  • Coffee liqueur, like Kahlua
  • Orange liqueur, like Triple Sec
  • Coffee
  • Whipped cream (optional)
  • Grated chocolate (optional)

Spanish Coffee Recipe

Before getting into the nitty-gritty, here are some things to keep in mind. 

First, make sure children and pets are out of the kitchen when setting the rum on fire. Keep flammable clothing and alcohol bottles away, as well. 

If you have long hair, pull it back or tie it up. If you’re wearing a long sleeve shirt, please pull your sleeves up. 

A safety apron is not required, but it would be helpful. 

If you have a fire extinguisher, keep it nearby just in case of any emergency.

How To Make Spanish Coffee

  • Pour the lemon juice into a shallow bowl. Next, pour sugar into a different bowl.
  • Dip the rim of your glass into the lemon juice. If you’re using a lemon wedge instead, squeeze it around the glass’s rim. Then, dip the rim into the sugar. 
  • After the rim has dried, pour the rum into the glass.
  • This part requires extra care and patience! Tilt your glass at a 45° angle. Light the rum on fire using a kitchen torch, match, or barbecue lighter –– while keeping the glass pointed away from your face and hair. 
  • When the fire has started, hold the stem of your glass and carefully rotate the glass in a circular motion. This will allow the flaming rum to caramelize the sugar. 
  • After the sugar is caramelized, sprinkle nutmeg and cinnamon over the drink.
  • Add your chosen coffee liqueur and orange liqueur. 
  • Add freshly brewed coffee.
  • Once the fire is out, give the Spanish Coffee time to cool down a bit. 
  • Feel free to garnish your drink with whipped cream and grated chocolate.
  • Enjoy!

Celebrate The New Year With A Flaming Spanish Coffee

With the seasons changing, Flaming Spanish Coffee is here to make sure that you start the year off right.

When you are ready to make this drink, know that you will be responsible for getting the alcohol. We can help with the coffee though! Our coffee subscription ensures that you’ll get freshly roasted coffee beans at your doorstep every month.

If you have any questions about our products or subscription, contact us because we’re always happy to help.

Want more coffee cocktail recipes? Head over to our Bean Blog for amazing coffee guides, along with helpful tips and news.

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