For the Love of Coffee

Before getting Amora Coffee into full gear, the company’s founders –– Jim and Marina –– had a lot of trouble finding the perfect name for their business. After several attempts, things were at a standstill. 

So, Jim and Marina decided to brainstorm names over a bottle of wine. As the wine’s aroma wafted through the room, a spark of inspiration flashed in them. Aroma spelled backward is Amora. Though this word has no meaning in English, it means “love” in Italian.

This leads us to the topic of love. It is often said that “love is in the air” during February. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we’ve been thinking back on Amora’s history. It has been quite an interesting journey over the last eleven years. 

Not only has Amora grown from a side hustle to a full-on company, but we created several quality coffee products. Most importantly, we took our love for this drink and used it to help coffee lovers around the United States.

Looking back, we couldn’t have accomplished this feat without the love from our fans. While there were some hurdles along the way, your support –– combined with our love for coffee –– formed the drive for us to keep ongoing.

So, we at Amora would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts! 

Yet, why stop there? Let’s take a look at what matters to us the most.

Why Do We Love Coffee?

One of the most important values that we hold dear is the love for coffee. Though this concept is simple, it has been a major driving force behind our work. 

The creamy texture and soothing flavors in a fresh cup of Arabica coffee are a highlight in our day. In addition, its caffeine gives us the perfect boost of energy to take on any task. 

What makes coffee better is its variety. Everyone has their preferred way to start the morning, from drip coffee to lattes —there is a coffee drink for any taste. 

Coffee is such a versatile drink, so we won’t be surprised if there are more variations of it in the future. When you love a drink, you’ll always find new and exciting ways to reinvent it. With coffee, you can slightly alter its brewing style, add new flavors into it, and turn coffee into a dessert (like espresso cake). 

Spreading Joy, One Cup At A Time

A cup of coffee can give you a great time during any breakfast, lunch, or dinner. However, finding a quality cup may be trickier than it sounds. Most grocery store coffee will sit on shelves for weeks, sometimes months. That means many Americans are drinking stale coffee!

Don’t worry because, at Amora, we make sure our coffee beans receive tender love and care during their roasting process. With the help of our small-batch roasters, we can get the best beans. By giving our roasters less coffee to manage, they can thoroughly test, sniff, examine and taste each coffee’s quality.

Though our process prevents us from creating large quantities of coffee, we’re glad to know that our customers are getting the best coffee at home. In our opinion, drinking a coffee –– with an amazing taste and smell –– is a surefire way to brighten your mood.

Spectacular Coffee For Your Valentine

As Valentine’s Day approaches, you’re going to need an excellent gift for your friend, family member, or loved ones. Gift ideas can be a trial, especially during this time of year. Rather than giving a framed photo, roses, or chocolate-covered strawberries to your special someone, why not try coffee?

If your friends or parents love this drink as much as you, a bag of beans or ground coffee can be the perfect gift for them. However, you can’t get them the usual coffee brand they drink in the morning. Let’s be honest: that would be boring and uninspired. 

We’ve rounded up a couple of Amora specialties to shake up their morning cup. 

For example, take a look at our Birthday Cake Coffee. This sweet flavored 100% Arabica bean coffee was created to celebrate Amora’s 10th birthday last year. It’s a medium roast coffee with flavors of sweet, creamy vanilla frosting and undertones of buttery vanilla cake. The smooth and fluffy taste is sure to delight your loved one’s taste buds and leave them wanting more. 

If your valentine prefers chocolate, surprise them with our Chocolate Truffle Coffee. This blend offers 100% Arabica coffee with a medium roast. Feel free to skip your Valentine’s Day dessert because our Chocolate Truffle Coffee is an irresistible chocolate temptation. Loaded with creamy fudge notes and intense dark chocolate candy bar appeal, your special someone can start their day off sweet.

Pro-Tip: Take a look at our accessories for cute Valentine’s Day gifts, like our Ceramic Canister and Seda France Sweet Berry Candle. 

Celebrate Love With Amora

Coffee has the amazing ability to bring people together. Not only is it a “social drink,” but a coffee lover will appreciate that you recognize their love of this drink. 

If your loved one likes our product, give them the gift that keeps giving— an Amora subscription can save up to 20% off on our coffees.

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