#Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

In today’s flourishing coffee market, there are fun, affordable and useful coffee gift ideas you can find for every coffee drinker, whether they’re a novice or aficionado.

Without further adieu, here are Amora’s ten favorite gifts, tools and nick-nacks to fill out your perfect coffee gift set!

1. Stainless Steel Tumbler + French Press

We’ve talked before about how much we love french press coffee, but a travel mug that packs a compact french press coffee maker inside? That’s just genius.

Life moves faster everyday, most of us have to sacrifice quality coffee for convenience’s sake, but not with this mug. In fact, these sleek tumblers allow you to explore french press coffee anytime and anywhere. Where to start? With your favorite Amora Coffee beans, of course! We recommend the Bodum Travel Press.

2. Portable Espresso Machine

Going off our same theme of quality and efficiency, this is an exciting way to make your favorite morning espresso, anytime and anywhere.

This lightweight gift (perfect for all types of travel) provides you with a portable machine for a tasty espresso. This is an ideal choice to quickly and efficiently enjoy delicious espresso wherever you are. Your espresso looks great and tastes fantastic every time!

Plus, at a size convenient for any backpack or small bag, you can guarantee that this espresso kit can adapt to any fast-paced lifestyle.

We recommend the Wacaco Minipresso.

3. Aeropress

If you’re looking for another coffee maker that fits as nicely on your kitchen counter as it does in your backpack, an Aeropress might be the perfect gift for you.

Designed for brewing coffee that is rich, smooth and lacking in bitterness and acidity, this speedy gadget can brew up to three cups of American or espresso style coffee in less than a minute. Plus, just like the french press tumbler, an Aeropress easily packs itself into a compact, on-the-go mug.

Check out the Aeropress.

4. Belgian Coffee Maker

If you’re a fan of unique looking gadgets or a high-class aesthetic, the Belgian coffee maker is sure to tickle your fancy.

Often gold or copper plated and supported by a sturdy, wooden base, this steampunk-looking coffee maker might take more work than a typical french press or espresso machine, but many people love the science and artistry that goes into making a rich, delicious cup of Belgian coffee.

Once you get the hang of this machine, you’ll really start to feel like a coffee pro.

We recommend the Nispira Vintage Belgian Coffee Maker.

5. Coffee Ice Cube Tray

If you’re anything like us, there’s never enough coffee in your life. Morning, noon or night, we all like to sneak a little more of our favorites into our lives. Want a fun way to do this?

Look no further than the coffee ice cube: perfect for cooling down your brew, or as a makeshift-popsicle on a hot summer’s day, this simple gift adds an extra splash of coffee to make the day that much better. Check out our guide on coffee ice cubes.

6. Airless Coffee Bean Saver

We’ve all been there: it’s a groggy, Monday morning after a long weekend and you wake up to a bag of stale coffee grounds. But, instead of sulking your way off to your nearest overpriced coffee shop, we have a solution!

An airless coffee bean saver is an absolute game-changer for those of us with a forgetful side to go along with our endless love of coffee. Simply put your favorite beans in a container, seal it tight, and voila: perfectly preserved grounds for any occasion.

We recommend the Evak containers.

7. Thermal Carafe

If you have a big family, or love to entertain, you know how much of a hassle it can be to store 10+ cups of coffee at the proper serving temperature. Instead of stressing, or using smaller containers, you’ll have to clean later, try a thermal carafe.

Perfect for storing over 64 oz of coffee (12-15 cups) at warm temperatures for up to 24 hours, these stainless steel lifesavers make long weekends or chaotic family mornings a warm, coffee-filled breeze.

You can find some thermal carafes here.

8. Electric Gooseneck Kettle

If you love the pour-over method, and don’t have the time to watch your kettle as it boils, the electric gooseneck kettle is perfect for you.

Often made in sleek, stainless steel, this handy accessory saves you two hassles:

First, it doesn’t require your undivided attention, when the water inside finishes boiling, the kettle turns off on its own without an eardrum-piercing whistle. Second, the elegant “gooseneck” allows you to masterfully pour the exact amount you want with minimal risk of spillage. Delicious, pour-over style coffee has never been this easy!

We recommend the Stagg EKG Electric Kettle.

9. Coffee Brewing Book/Guide

What’s the perfect gift for someone who wants to learn more about making coffee but says “they never have the time”? A coffee brewing guidebook, of course!

There’s no way to really go wrong with a gift this simple. Do you love french press? Pick up a guide to brewing delicious french press. Ever want to learn how to make a yummy cold brew? Find a how-to on cold brew. Dying to try your hand at chemex? You get the gist.

The ultimate ironic coffee table book, and the secret weapon behind any great brewer, the right coffee guide might just be what you need to up your coffee game to the next level.

You can find some good options here.

10. Amora Coffee Subscription

We had to save the best for last!

Here at Amora, coffee is our passion. We live and breathe French press, Aeropress, cold brew and helping you -- coffee rhymes included. This subscription is a unique way to give the perfect gift for the coffee lovers in your life.

To help you fall in love with our freshly roasted coffee, you get your first bag free, and if you like it, the rewards only get better from there. If you continue your subscription, you’ll get a free scoop in your second shipment, a free canister in your third, free travel mugs in your fourth shipment and even a free coffee maker sometime in your first year!

With our delicious Delicata, Elegante, Vigorous and Intenso blends, there’s no way to go wrong! Check out Amora Coffee to order your first bag today.

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