How The Right Coffee Grinder Can Seriously Improve Your Coffee

There’s nothing better than your morning coffee ritual and that first-sip feeling! However, even if you’ve purchased the coffee maker of a lifetime, your morning cup of coffee is only as good as the type of beans you use. Here are our tips for grinding your beans to create the freshest coffee for those back-to-school fall mornings.

Starts with the Beans

To get that truly satisfying taste, it all starts with beans. We suggest using Amora coffee beans because you’ll get a much better result and fresher-tasting coffee (and the best part is it’s shipped to your front door!).

The secret to this is to grind the beans yourself, moments before you use them. Coffee beans can surprisingly stay potent for a while if they’re left whole and flavor starts to diminish after they are grounded. It’s truly worthwhile to grind the beans yourself. It’s important to note that using the right grinder is essential since many pre-grinded coffee blends are dull in flavor and chop the beans into inconsistent sizes.

The Grind

It’s important to get the right type of grinder and blade. Many people are unaware that the blade of many grinders is initially dull making inconsistent grind sizes, which results in a flatter taste of the coffee. In addition, food processors, mini choppers, and blenders are not reliable for grinders. But what type of grinder is the best to use?

Basically, there are a few main ways to grind coffee; you can use a blade grinder, a burr grinder and a manual grinder. A blade grinder works similar to a food processor with blunted edges. The blade spins to chop the coffee beans. The blade grinders tend to be louder to grind the whole beans; however, they are smaller in size.

What many baristas would suggest is opting for a burr grinder over a blade grinder. The burrs of a grinder give consistency and reliability. Burrs give you control over the grind of the coffee. They work similarly to a pepper mill since the coffee beans pass through two metal objects to be ground into small pieces. With this, the grind size can be controlled for a more balanced, full taste. These types of grinders are often larger and more pricey than blade grinders.

Manual grinders are smaller in size and more affordable, but this type of grinder is not as user friendly, taking more time than we would like. Similar to a burr grinder, the beans grind between two burrs. Manual grinders use a small number of beans and require a lot of work, however, they are silent compared to a blade or burr grinder.

Types of Grinds

Grinds are often confused with roasts when it comes to coffee. The grind is the coarseness to which the coffee is ground, from coarse to ground. The coffee grind is chosen based on the type of brewer being used. The roast is how hot and how long the coffee beans have been roasted by a coffee roaster. When choosing how to grind your coffee, you need to consider what type of coffee brewer you’re using.

Remember: The finer the coffee, the stronger the taste, and the longer (and more gentle) the brew time, the coarser the grind.

Coarse Grind

This will have the largest particles, about the size of commercial bread crumbs. This is an ideal grind for making French Press coffee and brewing coffee in percolators. To extract the full flavor of the coffee, you need to leave the coffee in contact with hot water longer.

Medium Grind

This coffee grind is about the size of granulated sugar, medium grinds are the most common in pre-ground coffees. They are best for vacuum and some drip coffee makers. The water needs to be in contact for a few seconds. Since this is the “middle of the road” coffee grind, it’s the most versatile.

Fine Grind

This is an espresso grind. It’s perfect for espresso machines, but it can be used in electric drip and filter brew coffee makers. It’s not usually used when making a French Press of coffee simply because it will leave a lot of sediment in the glass.

Extra-Fine Grind

Pulverized coffee feels like flour. It requires a special grinder and is used in making Turkish coffee. This type of coffee will be allowed to cook and boil for a few minutes to extract that full flavor. In Turkish coffee, it’s usually mixed with spices and sugar to give it a warmth and full flavor. Visit here for more information about Turkish coffee!

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Here’s Our List of the Best Grinders!

Best Grinder for Traveling

Hario Mini Slim Plus

This smaller Hario grinder is perfect for a shot of espresso. It doesn’t grind as fast as some others, but it's much lighter and safer to throw in your bag when you travel thanks to the plastic construction. There's also the slightly larger and more expensive Mini Slim Pro. Grind-wise, the Mini Slim is about the same. The larger one is not as useful though because you don’t get to see how much you’ve grounded.

Best Manual Coffee Grinder

Hario Skerton Pro

This speedy grinder takes less than two minutes to grind out the half cup of fine grounds for a Moka pot—and the burr design produces a consistent, fine grind. The threads on the grinder portion are standard, and this grinder is just about as silent as it gets.

Best Overall

Baratza Encore Burr Grinder

The Baratza Encore is a favorite burr grinder. With 40 settings the Encore can crank out a nice, even grind no matter how coarse or finely dusted you want your beans. It's simple to operate, features an automatic shutoff timer, and doesn't hog counter space (though it is 14 inches tall, so check the measurements against your kitchen). Another thing that sets the Baratza apart from similar grinders is its repairability and warranty. The Encore is a reliable machine and it's nice to know the parts are easy to reorder if you need them.

Amora Coffee

Amora Coffee is curated specifically for you, shipped directly to your doorstep. We cut out the middleman and provide fresh roasted, crafted coffee. Join our coffee club today and experience premium coffee and tea. We start with great beans and an exclusive nine-step roasting process. Find your perfect match when you sign up for an Amora Coffee subscription- try our blends today!


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