How to Create the Perfect Homemade Mocha

It’s just coffee and chocolate, what else is there to know? Well, it turns out there are a few more details you’ll need to perfect your homemade mocha.

Whether you are just waking up and brewing a cup of coffee to get your brain going or sitting down for a relaxing evening cup of joe, adding that extra chocolate touch always adds a nice treat to your day. This homemade mocha guide should provide you with the tools you need not only for a simple morning mocha, but also some tips to creating the masterpieces you see at those fancy coffee shops.


  • ¼ cup of milk or frothy milk (any percentage is fine)
  • 2-4 tablespoons of chocolate shavings/ cocoa powder
  • 1 tablespoon granulated sugar

Tips to Improve your Mocha Coffee

  • Fresh Brewed Coffee: Always try and use freshly brewed coffee and make sure your coffee beans are being replenished often. You don’t want to spoil your mocha with stale beans and be left covering up the burnt taste with extra chocolate!
  • Flavorful Chocolate: Get yourself a nice cocoa powder or your favorite chocolate bar that will provide you with a rich flavor. Avoid cheap chocolate syrups as these won’t provide the same natural taste.
  • Make It Your Own: Not everyone has the same coffee or chocolate preferences, so it's crucial to try a variety of different ingredients to find what makes your taste buds jump for joy!

Chocolate Variations

Cocoa Powder vs Chocolate: What Are the Differences?

  • Cocoa is actually a more pure form of chocolate as it is mainly made of cocoa solids which are what make it generally richer than its chocolate counterpart.
  • Chocolate, on the other hand, is made of two main ingredients, cocoa solids and cocoa butter. The cocoa solids are primarily what drive the flavor and cocoa butter is what gives chocolate its rich texture.
  • So, pound for pound, cocoa powder packs a richer chocolate punch with less of the smooth texture provided by chocolate.

Is Chocolate or Cocoa Powder Better To Use in My Mocha?

This is a tough choice and depends on your chocolate preferences. If you are looking for a dark chocolate flavor that gives you a rich taste then cocoa powder is best. However, if you are looking for a more silky texture with a more subtle chocolate flavor then chocolate is your best option.

Coffee Pairings

What Are the Differences in Coffee Roasts?

  • Light roast - Although light roasts are often thought to have the least caffeine, they actually have the highest caffeine content as well as the strongest flavor. Light roasts also generally have a harsher flavor and are a bit dryer.
  • Medium roast - Medium roast is the most commonly drank roast and is in between dark and light roast in terms of caffeine levels. They are roasted at a higher temperature than light roast and provide a more full flavor.
  • Dark roast - Dark roast has the least amount of caffeine and has a more smokey flavor due to the longer period of roasting they go through.

What Type of Coffee Roast Goes Best in a Mocha?

  • If you are a caffeine lover and want to experience a strong coffee taste in your mocha then a lighter roast is a great go-to.
  • On the other hand, if you are looking for a lighter, more smokey flavor and want the chocolate to be more of the driver in your mocha taste then a dark roast is the better option.

How to Make a Mocha

Now that you’ve got your chocolate or cocoa powder selected and your favorite coffee roast, it’s time to learn the mocha recipe. Depending on your preference of using an espresso machine or not, we have provided several ways to craft your mocha for that perfect coffee and chocolate pairing.

How to Make a Mocha Without an Espresso Machine

What you first want to do is brew your coffee using your regular brew method. Then in a separate coffee mug, add the chocolate to your milk and heat them up in a microwave at 30-second intervals (If you are not looking for a hot mocha then you will not need hot milk and you can add the chocolate to your coffee directly and add the milk at the end).

After each 30 second microwave period, stir your milk and chocolate mixture. Once your chocolate and milk mixture are combined to the consistency of your liking, add it to the coffee, stir and enjoy!

How To Make Espresso Without an Espresso Machine

If you really want that full-bodied taste of espresso and you don’t want to leave your place to find a coffee shop, we have you covered too. The process of making espresso at home doesn’t take much time, but does require a few tools.

The key to making a great shot of espresso lies in the pressure, so to help perfect our pressure we are going to use an AeroPress. This will allow us to simulate the espresso machine’s pressure in a way that creates the same great flavor and caffeine content.

Recommended Tools

  1. AeroPress
  2. Coffee Beans
  3. Grinder

Making Your Espresso

  1. What you want to do first is set up your AeroPress by placing a filter in the drain cap. If you are looking for a smoother flow rate of the water, feel free to use more than one filter as well. Then, rinse off your filter and place the drain cap as well as the filter inside the press. Give the press a stable rest on top of your mug.
  2. Grind around 2 tablespoons of coffee to a sugar-like consistency and drop the coffee into the filter. If you want to increase the caffeine and strength of the flavor feel free to add another tablespoon.
  3. Add around 3.5 ounces of heated water. You will want your water around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so make sure you have a device to measure the temperature. Stir with the coffee and press down on the plunger as hard as you can. Make sure to give it as much pressure as you can as the fate of your espresso lies in the pressure. You did it! Now you can enjoy your homemade mocha with some homemade espresso as well.

How to Make a Mocha With an Espresso Machine

First, you will want to make your espresso shot and this time add your hot chocolate mix or chocolate of your choice to the espresso shot directly. This is because an espresso machine will work at higher temperature and by adding your chocolate directly you will have a more well blended mixture as the higher temperature will melt the chocolate faster. After your chocolate and espresso are combined, stir thoroughly and add as much milk as you desire and enjoy!

How to Make a Mocha Latte

Stir together your chocolate and freshly brewed coffee in a large mug. Then, heat the milk in a microwave or on the oven to around 100 degrees. Once the milk is warm you are going to want to froth it by whisking it until the milk begins to foam. Pour your frothing milk into your chocolate coffee mix. Add whipped cream to the top if desired and enjoy your homemade treat!

Mocha Modifications

  • One way to make your mocha a little more fancy is to add whipped cream and some chocolate shavings on top for a specialty coffee shop feel.
  • If you are in the mood for an alcoholic addition, you can add a shot of Baileys Irish Cream for a little extra kick.
  • Looking for a holiday treat? Throw a few peppermint bark shavings into your mocha and stir with a candy cane to enjoy a cool minty taste.


Once you have your mocha technique down, you’ll need to find the perfect coffee to compliment your favorite cocoa or chocolate. A few of my favorites are from Amora Coffee, which provides specialty coffee flavors that can take your mocha taste to a new level.

If you are going for a salted caramel mocha or heavy chocolate mocha and need a perfect blend to go with it, Amora Coffee offers a vast selection of unique blends. My favorites are their Elegante blend for a chocolate and caramel flavor and Intenso for a bittersweet cocoa taste.

Another recent favorite of mine is their new espresso, which I have found makes the perfect mocha with a rich, dark taste. Feel free to check it out check it out.

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