How to Make Espresso At Home Without a Fancy Machine

For those of us who rely on a delicious, caffeinated cup of coffee for the best start to our day, espresso is the ultimate morning pick-me-up.

Easy to drink, flavorful and energy-boosting, these cups of yummy goodness are some of the best coffee the world has to offer. With a multitude of flavors and styles, and often packed into a famously cute little cup, it’s really hard to go wrong with your favorite espresso.

So what’s the problem? Well, to consistently get espresso, you usually have to do one of two things: drag yourself to your nearest coffee shop and wait for an expensive cup of joe or plop down $400-$700 for a high-quality espresso maker. Ouch. That seems like quite the headache for a shot of espresso.

At Amora, we are passionate about delivering you rich, delightful coffee at an affordable price. But, we don’t just stop there: using our how-to guides, we help you find fun, simple and cost-effective ways to make your favorite types of coffee.

With that in mind, let’s find out more about what espresso actually is and then dive into three ways for you to make brewing espresso simple, low-cost and fun!

What is Espresso?

One of the strongest varieties of popular coffee, espresso is made through a unique process that separates it from regular coffee.

Espresso comes from finely-ground coffee beans that have hot, pressurized water forced through them. This differs from regular coffee, which uses medium or coarse ground beans and does not require any pressurization.

What makes espresso the most unique, however, is its versatility. Seriously, you can make so many different cups of coffee from espresso! Some of our favorite espresso-based coffees are lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, americanos and mochas.

So now that we know why espresso is so unique, and how many great cups of coffee we can put it in, how do we make it without breaking the bank?

French Press

If you’re already a fan of Amora, you’ll know by now that we are huge advocates of the French Press. Typically priced between $20-70, this compact gadget is an essential for any drip coffee lover looking to get the most out of their money, their mornings and their coffee.

An efficient and effective device, the French Press wastes no oils or flavors, instead steeping the coffee (just like tea) so that the grounds can percolate and enhance their rich flavor.

So how do we make espresso with it?

First, let’s make sure we all the necessary components to use the French Press:

  1. Carafe: used to hold the coffee and hot water; comes with a spout to pour your coffee with
  2. Plunger: responsible for “plunging” the coffee grinds to the bottom of the carafe
  3. Lid: prevents heat from escaping during the brewing
  4. Stirrer: any basic one will do; simply help you stir the coffee
  5. Cup of Water and Kettle: a reliable kettle is a coffee-making essential
  6. Finely Ground Coffee: the finer, the better

Now that you’re prepared, use these simple steps to make espresso coffee:

  1. Prepare Your Coffee Grounds: with espresso, you need finely ground coffee beans
  2. Prepare Your French Press: set your French Press on a flat, stable surface; remove the plunger from the carafe.
  3. Add Coffee Grounds to Carafe: we recommend one to two tablespoons of ground Amora Coffee per six ounces of water
  4. Heat and Add Water: for espresso, we recommend heating water to the 185-205° range
  5. Add Heated Water to Carafe and Stir: avoid stirring too vigorously; it will agitate the grinds and give the coffee a bitter flavor
  6. Place Plunger Into Carafe: wait around four minutes for the grounds to soak
  7. Plunge: gently push the plunger down to the bottom of the carafe
  8. Pour and Enjoy!

Moka Pot

Very popular in Europe and simple to use, the Moka pot is an affordable ($10-40) and reliable way to make yourself up to four shots of espresso at once.

A classic and traditional coffee brewer, the Moka can consistently deliver good espresso to give your morning the perk-up it needs.

How does it work?

Well, first we need to understand the components that make up a Moka Pot and the accessories/ingredients we need to use it:

  1. Base
  2. Top Chamber
  3. Inner Funnel
  4. Filter
  5. Coffee Beans
  6. Coffee Grinder
  7. Stove
  8. Water

Once we have all our necessities together, we can make our yummy, moka-style espresso:

  1. Put Water In The Moka Pot: use cold water
  2. Grind Your Beans: fine grounds are best for espresso
  3. Add Coffee To The Moka: using your funnel, insert the grounds into the pot
  4. Screw The Upper Part of Pot Onto the Base: hold the pot to prevent the handle from breaking
  5. Put the Moka On the Stove and Add Heat: use a flame no larger than base of pot and leave until water starts to boil
  6. Check Coffee Levels: once you can see the pot is full of coffee, remove it from the stove
  7. Stir: use a stirrer or small spoon to stir the upper chamber
  8. Pour and Enjoy!


The Aeropress is awesome, whether you’re using it for espresso or another type of delicious coffee.

Just like the French Press, it’s not specifically designed to make espresso, but this doesn’t mean that it’s impossible! With a little creativity, you can easily use an Aeropress coffee maker to make a delicious espresso.

Before you begin, you’ll have to make sure you have a few key ingredients, tools and accessories:

  1. Coffee Beans or Grounds: try some of your Amora favorites
  2. Coffee Grinder: suitable for grinding the beans into fine grounds
  3. Kettle or Stovetop: either works to heat your water
  4. AeroPress Set: comes with a variety of great features
    1. Plunger
    2. Chamber
    3. Funnel
    4. Scooper
    5. Stirrer
    6. Filter Cap
    7. Filters

Next, it’s time to actually make your coffee! We already have a full-length, extensive how-to for the Aeropress, so here we are going to keep things nice and simple.

These are the steps to making espresso with your Aeropress:

  1. Grind Your Coffee Beans: aim for a fine, floury consistency
  2. Remove The Plunger From The Chamber
  3. Put The Paper Filter Into The Filter Cap and Run Warm Water Through The Filter To Prep It: the water will get rid of any unpleasant “paper” flavor
  4. Twist The Filter Cap Onto The Bottom of The Chamber
  5. Scoop The Coffee Into The Chamber: using the funnel helps you avoid a mess
  6. Give The Chamber A Light Shake To Make Sure The Coffee Grounds Are Level: uneven coffee won’t steep well
  7. Place The Chamber On Top of Your Mug, Cup etc.
  8. Pour Your Hot Water Into The Chamber Up To The 1-1.5 Point On The Chamber: we recommend heating the water to 175°
  9. Stir The Coffee: 10 seconds is best
  10. Insert The Plunger Into The Chamber: press down gently until the plunger reaches the grounds
  11. Remove The Filter and Press The Plunger Until The Coffee Cake Falls Out: throw out the cake and clean the Aeropress
  12. Pour and Enjoy!

Where Should I Get My Coffee?

Now that you know how to make tasty espresso quickly, choose the best coffee for the job. Here at Amora, we have blends designed for all types of coffee drinkers. Whether you prefer a bold, smoky blend or a balanced, fruity blend, we have what you need. Our premium coffee blends are crafted using a 9-step roasting process to maximize the flavors and aromas of our blends. Even better, we’ll ship the coffee right to your doorstep!

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