Picking the Best Coffee According to Your Mood

We all know that coffee tastes delicious, but did you know that different types of coffee can enhance or positively alter your mood?

According to studies from Harvard and other research institutions, coffee can help you feel energized, motivated and even better equipped to fight depression. Beyond a quick boost of caffeine, modern coffee roasting methods (like our 9-stage roasting process) make it easier than ever to find delicious, affordable coffee to help put you in a better state of mind.

To help you harness the power of your favorite Amora coffees, we’ve created a breakdown of each of our unique blends and flavors so that you can find and brew the tastes and roasting styles that best fit you. Let’s dive in!

Amora Blends

At Amora, we have four primary coffee blends:

  1. Delicata
  2. Elegante
  3. Vigorosi
  4. Intenso

While all four are flavorful and freshly roasted, it can take some experimentation for you to find the blend(s) that work best for you. When you join Amora’s Subscription Service (or fill your next order), feel free to refer to this guide for tips and insight on each of our unique blends:


If you’re looking for a light, refreshing cup of coffee to clear your head or give you a fresh look at life, our Delicata blend is a perfect choice.

Gently roasted and lovingly balanced, this blend mixes a distinctive combination of Central and South American coffee beans to create a flavor profile that marries sweet notes of cleansing lemon with a creamy, milk chocolate body.

If you’re looking for a breezy boost of energy to start your day, this mild yet flavorful blend is available in regular or decaf as well as whole bean or finely ground.


If you want to take the intensity up a notch, our smoothly roasted Elegante blend is a lively place to start.

With a medium roast and an exotic pairing of Indonesian and South American coffee beans, this revitalizing blend shows off its syrupy body with its tantalizing sweetness and complex finish.

Perfect for those days when you want an extra kick of inspiration, this delicious blend will rouse your creativity and motivation without leaving you jittery.

Harmonizing succulent notes of chocolate, caramel and rejuvenating spices, you can find the Elegante available in regular or decaf as well as whole bean or finely ground.


As the name suggests (vigoroso is Italian for “vigorous”), this daring blend will take your coffee game up a notch and enter you into a world of robust flavor.

Boldly roasted to show off its notes of stimulating lemon, bittersweet dark chocolate and creamy caramel, this medium-dark blend proudly intertwines East African and South American coffee beans into a flavor profile that makes it mark.

Ideal for those days when you need that extra boost to get over the finish line, the Vigorosi will give you the exciting kick you need to seize the day.

Complemented with a smooth, nutty finish, this rousing blend is available in regular or decaf and whole bean or finely ground.


Just like the Vigorosi, the story of Amora’s Intenso blend is in its name.

Fiercely roasted and full-bodied, the Intenso once again marries Central and South American beans to create a powerful flavor profile that’s impossible to ignore.

Synchronizing bold notes of smoky, bittersweet cocoa with an array of spirited spices, the Intenso aims to please those who like their coffee strong and forceful.

For those days when you need to set a new personal best or discover a lost spark of determination or creativity, the lively flavor and bold finish of this blend is sure to reinvigorate your day.

If you’re seeking the thrill of Amora’s most intense blend, it’s available in regular or decaf as well as whole bean or finely ground.

Amora Flavors

Just like our blends, Amora’s coffee flavors are carefully and lovingly crafted to satisfy the needs of every kind of coffee lover.

Our four primary flavors include:

  1. French Vanilla
  2. Caramel Vanilla
  3. Hazelnut Cinnamon
  4. Chocolate Truffle

While we dedicate just as much passion and pride to our flavor development, the journey to finding your favorite Amora flavors can be even more personal than the search for a blend.

To help you find the Amora flavor that speaks to you and your many moods, here’s a brief guide to our primary flavors:

French Vanilla

As we’ve discussed in past blog posts, the French know their way around a magnificent cup of coffee.

In honor of the beauty of French culture, charisma and coffee, we’ve crafted Amora’s French Vanilla flavor to transport you into the vibe, aroma and taste of a Parisian coffee shop.

Warm and invigorating, this beautiful brown coffee packs creamy vanilla to balance its notes of rich caramel. For the explorer in all of us, this deceptively simple coffee serves as an excellent introduction to Amora's array of flavors (in regular or ground).

Caramel Vanilla

If you enjoy coffee that combines a delightful variety of enticing, sweet flavors, our Caramel Vanilla flavor sounds like your ideal match.

Perfect for holiday mornings with a gentle nip in the air, this flavor will make you feel right at home as you button your coat and wrap up your scarf.

Retaining the rich, caramel notes of our French variety, this flavor sets itself apart with its unique fusion of candied brown sugar swirls and pleasant notes of vanilla.

For the days when you want your coffee to be a treat, there’s no better place to look than our Caramel Vanilla flavored coffee (in regular or ground).

Hazelnut Cinnamon

Warm and welcoming like a charming neighborhood bakery, our Hazelnut Cinnamon flavor is perfect for the days when you want cozy productivity.

A delicious union of sweet and spicy cinnamon with gently toasted hazelnut, this flavor works wonderfully for those who want an energizing kick of sweetness to accompany a rich, mature cup of coffee.

For those who want to have it all, Aroma’s Hazelnut Cinnamon flavor is one of our bolder options, but we can assure you the risk is worth the reward (in regular or ground).

Chocolate Truffle

When you think of rich, high-class flavors, your mind doesn’t have to wander far to stumble upon chocolate and truffles.

Combining two of the world’s most beloved tastes, our Chocolate Truffle flavored coffee tempts you to immerse yourself in notes of creamy fudge, succulent truffle and high-class sweetness.

For indulgence without excess, there’s no better place to turn than this our most unique and tempting blend (in regular or ground).

Try Amora Coffee Today

Amora Coffee brings the finest and freshest coffee beans straight to your doorstep. Using top quality beans and a 9-step roasting process, Amora coffee cuts out the middleman to ensure the freshest coffee that you can taste. You won’t want to waste a drop!

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For more information about Amora, our story and our endless love of coffee, please check out our other blog posts.

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