Pour-Over Coffee Brewing Guide

The pour-over brewing method is popular with coffee lovers worldwide because it's a simple, affordable and fun way to create delicious coffee -- even in the comfort of your kitchen. Whether you’re a barista at a local coffee shop or a novice learning to brew delicious coffee at home, a solid grasp of the pour-over method is attainable for anyone.

Let’s dive into the tools, methods and ingredients you need to make yourself a perfect cup of pour-over coffee:

Tools and Ingredients

  • Coffee Beans: we recommend trying one of our many flavorful blends!
  • Mesh or Paper Filter: either works as long as it is sturdy, clean and reliable
  • Coffee Maker: the Chemex is a popular choice for pour-over brewing; make sure to keep it clean for the ultimate flavor profile
  • Burr Grinder: the best option for grinding your beans to the proper consistency
  • Hot Water: aim for 195-205°F (for reference, 212°F is the boiling point)
  • Gooseneck Kettle: allows you complete control over how much water you pour
  • Your Favorite Mug: perfect for enjoying your favorite pour-over Amora coffee!

What Kind of Roast and Coffee Beans Should I Use?

When brewing pour-over coffee, you have free range to choose any kind of roast you like. Still, here are some essential things to always keep in mind:

Lighter roasts tend to have more caffeine than darker roasts. They are often less bitter than darker varieties and more likely to be influenced by the region’s growing conditions from which they originate.

Darker roasts often have lower caffeine content, but they typically retain more flavor from the roasting process. This makes for a full-bodied flavor that can be more refreshing than a tamer, light roast.

With all that being said, one of the beautiful things about the pour-over method is that it allows you to make light or medium roast coffee without losing any of the flavors that other brewing methods can strip away. This means that the pour-over way is ideal for lovers of light to medium roast coffee, as these styles feature subtle flavors and aromas that thrive in the pour-over brewing process.

Step By Step Brewing Process

Now that you have all the tools and ingredients you need (plus your favorite Amora coffee beans), it’s time to get down to business. Here is our step-by-step guide to making delicious, pour-over coffee:

  1. Using a Burr Grinder, grind your coffee beans to a medium-coarse consistency. You can use pre-ground coffee, but we recommend ordering whole-bean Amora coffee and grinding at home for a fresher taste. Medium-coarse grinds are ideal for the pour-over method because they allow you to extract a rich flavor that lacks bitterness.
  2. Put a cone-shaped filter (paper or mesh) in the dripper and place it over an adequately sized vessel. Ensure the filter is secure and clean so that it can allow water to flow freely and prevent unwanted oils from getting into your coffee.
  3. Assemble your ground coffee -- we recommend one to two tablespoons of ground Amora coffee per six ounces of water. This is an ideal pour-over coffee ratio and will prevent your coffee from becoming too watery, bitter or weak.
  4. Heat your water to 195-205°F. This range is ideal for pour-over coffee because it ensures proper extraction of flavor from the grounds. If your water is too hot, you might over-extract, leading to an unpleasant, bitter taste. If your water is too cold, you might under-extract, and the coffee could have a weak (or even sour) flavor.
  5. Slowly pour your heated water into the dripper above the coffee grounds. We recommend making the bed of settings as level as possible and digging a small divot in the middle. Start your pour in the middle and slowly move in concentric circles around the divot. To maintain the coffee’s strength, do your best to avoid hitting the dripper with water as your pour.
  6. Allow all the water to seep through the dripper, remove it and enjoy your pour-over brewed Amora Coffee!

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