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At Amora, our goal has always been to bring the joy of freshly roasted coffee to as many people as we could.  On our end, this meant perfecting our 9-step roasting process and shipping directly to our customers.

However, all around the world dedicated coffee farmers often face significant struggles; especially when it comes to getting clean water. That is why we partnered with Project Waterfall to try and help bring sustainable, clean water to these sometimes isolated coffee communities. 

Here, we’ll dive deeper into what our partnership with Project Waterfall means and why it means so much to us and our goals as a coffee company. 

The Company

Starting in 2011, Project Waterfall has worked to bring clean water to coffee-growing countries across Central America and Africa. In their work, they have raised over £1 million to help more than 50,000 people without clean water, with hopes to double those numbers by the end of this decade! A donation of just $30 can bring someone in this project clean water for life.

Project Waterfall’s efforts hope to shed light on the water crisis many rural communities face, particularly within the coffee-growing regions of the world. Over 785 million people in the world still live without clean water access today, many of whom live in coffee communities. 

Why Coffee?

Project Waterfall focuses its efforts specifically on coffee-producing areas of the world for two primary reasons.  

Firstly, coffee plants are notoriously particular about the climate they are grown in. For this reason, we only see coffee farms in tropical areas of the world, between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. While these climates are great for the coffee bean plant, the rural communities in these regions often face severe water crises.

When cleaner water and more effective sanitation are provided to these communities, it helps the health and wellness of the community members. Simultaneously, it works to break the poverty cycle many of them face. When the poverty cycle is interrupted by providing easier access to water, communities also gain more time and ability to improve their education.

Coffee is also a focus for Project Waterfall because of its definition as a water-intensive crop.  Coffee production requires large amounts of water to grow and produce, which creates a struggle for many people at the production (farming) end of the coffee supply chain.   

By creating more accessible water resources for these communities, Project Waterfall helps make coffee production more sustainable and eco-friendly. 

The Project

While Project Waterfall is involved in many water sustainability projects globally, our partnership centers around Ethiopia. We chose to support this project as it will help to bring clean water to more than 10,000 people in the Jabi Tehnan district of Ethiopia.

Coffee in Ethiopia

In the coffee world, Ethiopia is unique, as it is considered the birthplace of coffee! Due to this status in coffee’s origin story, Ethiopian coffee is sometimes considered the “purest” coffee in the world. 

Arabica beans, the species of coffee used in specialty coffees, also have their origin in Ethiopia.  Without Ethiopian coffee production, Arabica coffee, and specialty coffee as we know it might not exist!

A large portion of the population relies entirely on coffee for their livelihood, yet an even more significant percentage of Ethiopians don’t even have access to clean water or sanitation. For this reason, we wanted to center our partnership around the Jabi Tehnan district to give back to the coffee-growing communities that help us bring you the best coffee possible.

The Efforts So Far

The Jabi Tehnan project has been underway since 2018 and has already made great strides in helping the rural communities in the area. With the end goal of bringing clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to over 10,000 people, the project has reached about the halfway point. 

Over 6,700 people have gained access to clean water and hygiene solutions from the last project update, and over 5,000 people have gained access to better sanitation practices and materials.  At the current pace of the work, Project Waterfall hopes to reach its end goal sometime in 2022.

As Project Waterfall establishes these sanitation and water systems, they also help educate and train the local communities in the best sanitation practices so that their impact lasts beyond the original project.  

What Else Can Be Done? 

Around the coffee industry, there is a noticeable movement towards making sustainable coffee the standard. Like our partnership with Project Waterfall, these efforts hope to tackle many issues that face coffee today.  

If you are looking to try and add your support to the sustainable coffee movement, there are several ways to help out!

Keep Coffee Sustainable

In order to keep coffee sustainable, the coffee grown must be environmentally considerate without affecting those who grow and produce it. When you are considering if coffee is sustainable, a great start is looking for bird-friendly coffee. 

To help combat land-usage and pesticides, sustainable coffee growers are returning to traditional coffee growing methods, such as shade-growing. Shade growing coffee plants coffee underneath shade-providing trees.  Coffee naturally thrives in partial shade, and as an added benefit, the trees provide more bird habitats and reduce the impact on the environment around coffee farms. 

You can also help by supporting groups like Project Waterfall, which work tirelessly to help coffee communities around the world! Even small contributions to works like these can provide great support to people in need.


You can support our efforts with Project Waterfall by donation or through an Amora subscription!  Roasted to perfection and shipped directly to your door, Amora’s coffee gets to you without the need for a middle man. Our blends are for all types of coffee enthusiasts, and you’re sure to find a coffee that you’ll enjoy. 

Your support for us also supports our efforts for clean water and sustainable hygiene for the communities that grow our coffee!  Try a subscription today to get your choice of one of eight custom gourmet blends shipped directly to you.

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