The Best Types of Milk to Put in your Coffee

The Best Non-Dairy Milk Alternatives for Coffee

You may be wondering, does the type of milk I use in my coffee matter? Will non-dairy milk taste better than dairy milk? These are questions that may have crossed your mind at some point, and we are here to help you make your choice of milk you use in your coffee a bit simpler. The types of milk you use in your coffee matters, from the taste, to the texture. Let’s find out which one will compliment your coffee best to satisfy your taste buds.

Why is Non-Dairy Milk a Good Option for Coffee?

 What could possibly make non-dairy milk more attractive than dairy milk? Well, non-dairy milk (alternative milk) has been a big game changer in the coffee world in most recent years. We have a list of alternative milk options to satisfy your taste preferences:

Soy Milk

This has been the number one alternative for years. This is a great option for those with dairy allergies, nut allergies, or if you just want to avoid dairy all together. Also, it’s the most accessible type of milk, which means anyone can really get their hands on this alternative.

How does Soy Milk Taste?

Soy milk much like other alternatives tend to have a much more neutral taste, rather than an overpowering taste. There really isn’t any noticeable after-taste, which allows for the coffee to be at the forefront of taste.

Will Soy Milk allow my Coffee to Foam?

This really depends on how you or your barista makes your coffee, there can be a major downside that can give your coffee a very airy taste if it is not prepared well. However, when it is prepared properly, knowledgeable baristas can get the same consistency of foam as if it were dairy milk.

Almond Milk

Has Almond milk really taken the number one place for alternative milk to use in coffee? Perhaps it has. This alternative has reportedly surpassed soy milk as the leading alternative milk. What makes this nut milk so special? Well, for starters it does come in multiple flavors, such as vanilla and chocolate. Who doesn’t enjoy chocolate flavored milk every now and then. It may also come in “sweetened” and “unsweetened” varieties. While almond milk can seem like the best alternative due to its nutty flavor it does tend to separate in coffee if it is too hot. Pro Tip: Avoid pouring almond milk into steaming hot coffee and try out a few options of almond milk to get the best combination of almond milk to coffee.

How Does Almond Milk Taste in Coffee?

So you’ve picked almond milk as your choice of milk for coffee, congrats! This alternative does have a nutty flavor and depending on your taste preference, an unsweetened almond milk will give your coffee a bitter taste, while a sweetened milk will balance out the bitterness giving it a more sweet taste.

Will Almond Milk Foam?

You want some pretty artwork on top of your latte? Then you’ve definitely made the right choice with this alternative milk. Almond Milk will foam, so it’s perfect for all you artists who enjoy something pretty to look at or something pretty to snap a pic of before drinking it.

Oat Milk

Does almond milk have a little bit of competition? All you almond milk drinkers better watch out, don’t knock it ‘till you try it. Turns out there are so many health benefits to oat milk making it a fan favorite for all coffee lovers. With a combination of water, oats, and canola oil, oat milk is being prized for its fiber content. If you’re looking to make a change in your diet then this could very well be your choice of alternative milk. This alternative appeals to health conscious coffee drinkers, it contains very little fat, while still keeping its protein components, and the fiber factor gives your digestive health a little extra boost.

What does Oat Milk Taste like in Coffee?

If you’ve ever wondered what this tastes like in coffee, we got you! It has a creamy texture and can have a nice sweet, smooth, clean taste. The only downside to this alternative is that it is not as easily accessible like almond milk or soy milk.

Will my Coffee Foam?

Still looking for coffee art? Oat Milk will foam up enough to allow for beautiful artwork. Are you considering switching from almond milk to oat milk now? We don’t blame you, this alternative is rich in flavor, has health benefits, and the best part you can still snap the picture of the beautiful art work on your latte.

Coconut Milk

You want to switch it up and taste something a little different? Nice! We support that and coconut milk is a great choice. It’s definitely becoming a favorite coffee alternative for coffee lovers. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, coconut milk will give you just that, an adventure, an exoctic taste of all sorts of flavors.

How Does Coconut Milk Taste in Coffee?

Given it’s thick texture, coconut naturally has a sweet flavor. Coconut milk is filled with exotic flavors that you can only know what we are talking about if you try it with your very own cup of coffee.

Will Coconut Milk Foam in Coffee?

Is foam that important to your coffee? This is not it if you’re looking for that dense foamy texture/look. It tends to be less dense than dairy milk and it becomes more bubbly.

Cashew Milk

Are you missing the consistency of dairy milk, or ever wondered what it tastes like for those with a lactose intolerance this is as close to dairy milk as it will get. What makes this similar to dairy milk is its creamy texture that not many alternative milks can produce in coffee.

How Will Cashew Milk Taste in Coffee?

For all you coffee lovers who enjoy a nice bitter taste, this might not be the right alternative, but for someone who enjoys a nice sweet cup of coffee then you can find it in cashew milk. It’s sweet and has a less nutty taste than all the other nut milks.

Will Cashew Milk Foam in Coffee?

Although you won’t get that dense foam with this milk, the flavor of the milk definitely beats wanting a nice dense foam.

Which Milk Alternative Will you Choose?

We’ve provided you with a few alternative options to incorporate into your coffee, from taste, to density to nutty milks, to non nutty milks. There are a lot of great options for someone who is lactose intolerant . The Verdict is: There are many options and it’s up to you to decide which is the best coffee non-dairy milk consistency for you.

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