The Meaning Behind Amora

Over the last ten years, as Amora has developed from a dream to a reality, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and the coffee industry as a whole. As our company grew and began to take on its “personality,” we realized that it was more than just a coffee subscription service. 

Naturally, our goal has remained the same; to bring high-quality, fresh coffee to as many people as possible. Beyond that, however, we wanted to do more. It’s wonderful to see all of our customers enjoying their coffee, and it’s these interactions that help us grow and learn, but being a coffee company goes much deeper than just selling beans! 

Now, ten years later, we want to look back at what has made Amora the company that it is today. This article will take a look at some of our most essential values from the last ten years, from our deep love for our customers to our drive towards a sustainable future in coffee. Because as much as we want to spread the love of coffee everywhere, it wouldn’t be possible without all of these goals pushing us forward. 

Family Matters

When we were first throwing around the idea of Amora, we wanted to stay true to our roots. Our founders, Jim and Marina, shared fond memories of their respective childhoods, as they both happened to grow up in families of Italian immigrants. As a result, Amora has been a family business from the start!   

Family means a lot to us here at Amora, and we wanted that to be apparent in everything we do. We consider our customers to be a part of the family because your love and support is what has kept us going all of these years. If that’s not the definition of family, we don’t know what is! 

Our family ties even spill over into our coffee itself, as our roasters are a 5th generation, family-run business! From top to bottom, Amora was built on the love of coffee and family, because for us, you can’t have one without the other.  

Image of bag of Amora coffee wrapped in red ribbon, next to an Amora coffee bean container

Giving Back

Before Amora existed, Jim and Marina worked for years in the coffee industry, so we were no strangers to the job. Through that experience, they were able to learn more about the industry’s successes and failures. One of the most significant issues that became apparent was the inequality within the coffee supply chain, particularly near the bottom.

Many of the farmers that make up the majority of coffee production have to survive without the proper tools, infrastructure, and sometimes even clean water required to live comfortably. As Amora grew, we knew that we wanted to make our impact on the coffee world and support something greater than ourselves. 

This led to our partnership with Project Waterfall, an organization that works to bring fresh, clean water to the coffee-producing areas of the globe that need it most. Through our partnership, we are able to help make clean water a possibility for more people in our industry, letting us give back to the communities that support us the most.   

Quality over Quantity

Early in Amora’s planning stages, Marina and Jim had one very big priority; making great coffee rather than a lot of coffee. Often, coffee companies will sacrifice quality for quantity by roasting their coffee in huge batches at a time. We wanted to avoid that from the start, so we focused on finding a small-batch roaster instead.

Small-batch roasters allow for significantly better quality control than large roasters, not only because there is less coffee to manage but because a small batch can be thoroughly tested, sniffed, examined, and tasted to determine its quality. When you start to make too much coffee at a time, you simply have to rely on your methods and hope that there aren’t too many “bad” beans!

Fresh and Toasty

Our main goal at Amora has always been to bring the best possible coffee to all of our customers, which is why we roast all of our coffee fresh to ship. Most coffee that sits on the grocery store shelves is weeks, if not months old, meaning that a vast portion of the world is drinking stale coffee! To bring you high-quality coffee, we wanted to ensure our beans would be as freshly roasted as possible. 

Thanks to our small-batch roasters, every batch of beans comes out of their 9-step roasting process fresh and ready. From there, every bag is hand-packed to double-check all of our quality control markers before being shipped directly to your front door! This way, we can bring the freshest possible coffee to all of our favorite people; you, the customers!

For The Love Of Coffee 

Our final and arguably most essential value that we have emphasized over the years is our true and simple love for coffee. We don’t just make coffee because it’s a business; we make coffee because we love everything about it! To share our personal love with all of our customers has always been the best part of our company, and we don’t see that changing anytime soon. 

People with a passion for coffee have helped our company grow and thrive because, without their support, we wouldn’t be celebrating our 10th anniversary! From the very first bag we shipped out to whatever the future hold for all of us, we can promise one thing for certain:

We will never stop loving coffee.

Celebrate With Us!

Our ten-year anniversary is in full swing, and there’s never been a better time to sign up for an Amora subscription! From our unique 9-step roasting process to the hand-packed coffee bags we send out daily, Amora is ready to make you into the coffee lover you were meant to be!

Check out our blog for more coffee tips and tricks, or start your subscription today!

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