Top 6 Coffee Brewing Methods

So, you want to make your own coffee and skip that Starbuck’s line? Or, you simply want to find the best brewing method that works with your taste buds?

Let’s just say that there is more than meets the eye! We know how important that morning cup of joe is. That’s why we’re letting you in on all of the best coffee brewing secrets to get you the perfect cup of coffee.

Which Type of Brewing Method is Best?

How will you know what the best method is for your tastes and preferences? It really all comes down to preference and even the lifestyle you live. Don't worry though, once you’ve found what works for you, you will want to stick with it for a while. Whatever type of brewing method you decide to use, we always recommend making your space a little more home-y. For tips on how to create the ultimate tea and coffee brewing station, read this article.

Our Brewing Method Recommendations

1. Pour Over/ Drip

Let’s take it back to an earlier time when people used coffee cones and paper filters to brew their coffee. The most popular and oldest method of brewing coffee shouldn’t be underestimated against newer methods. It’s cheap, quick, and easy; what more could you possibly need while brewing your own coffee? Brewing drip or pour over coffee is fairly simple. Hot water is poured over coffee grounds with a paper filter. It’s as easy as 1,2,3. There are only 6 rules we require to using this method:
  1. Make sure you have a pretty solid filter to give you the best results for drip coffee.
  2. Depending on your taste/preference you can either use a paper filter or a mesh filter.
  3. Drink up right away! Freshly brewed coffee tastes best when you don’t let it sit around
  4. Use quality beans
  5. Grind the coffee at home
  6. Keep your coffee maker clean
Recommended Coffee Ground Level: Medium fine grind

What does Drip Coffee Taste Like?

Unlike espresso, which has a much more concentrated taste, drip coffee will give you a smoother, simpler taste, that is still rich in flavor.

2. French Press

It sounds as fancy as it looks! This is the original European-home coffee Brewer. The french press has been losing some of its popularity to other coffee brewers such as the espresso method and the drip method. This method is used by letting coffee grounds soak in water for four to five minutes and then plunging a filter to “press' ' down the grounds. This process is an easy way to make multiple cups of coffee at a time since the grounds come into direct contact with the hot water. Recommended Coffee Ground Level: Coarse grind

What Does a French Press Taste like?

If you’re looking for something intense, then you might just fall in love with this process. It’s suited for coffee drinkers who seek luscious and complex taste experiences. The oils and the extra body are what give this method of brewing it’s full adventurous taste.

3. Aeropress

This is a manual coffee making device, where pressure is used to brew coffee. If you like something a little more versatile and portable, Aeropress can become your best friend because of its size, and ease of transport to places to have coffee for two. The process to this method is simple:
  • Coffee grounds rest in the brew chamber
  • Hot water is added to the brew chamber to immerses/steep the coffee
  • Finally, extracting the coffee requires a plunger to be pressed down creating air pressure to force brewed coffee through a filter and into a cup.
It only took you all of 3 steps to get a fine cup of coffee with the plunger/aeropress method. A nice bonus, the cleanup is a breeze! Recommended Coffee Ground Level: Medium fine grind

What does the Aeropress taste like?

Depending on preference this method can either have a really strong taste or, by adding more water to it, you can determine what the right amount of “strong” is for you. There’s nothing complex about the taste or the process of this method. So, it’s perfect for on-the-go.

4. Moka Pot

Seeing a pattern here? We are! The Moka pot, in other words known as the stovetop espresso coffee maker, is a device that brews coffee using the pressure of steam. If you’re looking for something to really wake you up in the mornings then this is it. This coffee brewing method is very popular because it brews a strong concentrated coffee that uses pressure during extraction.

What does the Coffee from the Moka Pot Taste like?

Technically we can call this an espresso. However, it doesn’t come anywhere near what an espresso tastes like. You can expect more bitterness, chocolate, and caramel flavors when you brew your coffee using the moka pot method. If you have a love for strong coffee and prefer stronger notes of bitterness, then you’ll definitely fall in love with this method. A great cup of cappuccino or a latte can be prepared using the Moka Pot method. Recommended Coffee Ground Level: Medium fine grind

5. Cold Brew

A classic method for those who prefer a colder drink or maybe have an upset something after having something steaming hot, this brewing method requires cold steeping coffee grinds in the absence of heat for extended periods of time, (12 to 36 hours), then straining it and serving it cold. This is one of the more popular methods, because it doesn’t require heat in the process of making this coffee, which makes it smoother in taste and less acidic. This method does, however, require an excruciating amount of time, people will make large batches and store them away for several days.

What Does a Cold Brew Taste like?

Remember how we said a cold brew method is best for someone with a sensitive stomach? We meant it! It tastes slightly sweeter, a bit milder and way less acidic; which makes up for this kind of brew taking longer than others. It’s a distinctively smooth taste and flavor profile.

6. Espresso

Trying out the more complex form of brewing coffee? Dealing with a combination of quality, extraction pressure and time, water temperature, coffee grind, and roast it can get quite frustrating. Also, if just one of those combinations is off your coffee will most likely only be an average one. Espresso is a quick preparation method that can easily be done in 30 seconds, as hot water is passing through coffee beans, at a certain pressure. That being said, there’s a reason why baristas aren’t a dime a dozen. If your first shot at brewing espresso isn’t what you thought it would be, don’t be discouraged. Try it again, this could very well be your go to drink and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on such an incredible shot of espresso. Recommended Coffee Ground Level: Very fine grind

What does Espresso Taste Like?

Do you like your coffee to be strong? Perfect, that’s exactly what you’ll be getting with espresso, which is heavily concentrated with a ton of body, aroma, and flavor. You’ll also get a nice foamy layer on top, maybe for some fun artwork if you’re really trying to be an espresso artisan?

Summary: Coffee Brewing Methods

As you can see, there is no one right or wrong way to brew coffee. Each method has a process and special technique. While some require more time and expertise than others, anyone can whip up a classic cup of coffee using the above methods with a little practice. As with almost everything in life, there is no one perfect way to brew a cup of coffee. Give all 6 of our top methods a try and see which you enjoy more for yourself!

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