What To Do With Leftover Coffee

So you overestimated the amount of coffee you needed to get through the day. Or maybe you had to run out the door before pouring a second cup. Whatever you do, don't waste it! Throwing the whole pot down the drain might seem like the only option, but there are creative ways to reuse your leftover coffee.

Here are ways you can utilize your leftover brewed coffee (or leftover coffee grounds), whether it is in your recipes or your garden.

In the Kitchen

Open your mind past a simple cup-a-joe. You can use coffee in many different ways around the kitchen.

Coffee Ice Cubes

Chill your iced coffee the smart way. Pour leftover coffee into an ice cube tray and throw it into the freezer. Next time you are craving an iced coffee, throw in some coffee cubes. You won’t have to worry about your drink watering down when the coffee cubes melt. Check out our guide on How to Use Coffee Ice Cubes for more details!

Oatmeal with a Kick

Rough night? When a cup of coffee just won’t do, add some leftover coffee into your oatmeal to give your morning an extra kick. You can entirely swap the water for coffee in your oats or mix it with water or milk. This will infuse your oats with the flavor and caffeine of coffee. Bonus tip: add some cinnamon or vanilla for a sweet compliment.

Meat Marinade

Level up your cooking skills with a unique meat marinade. Coffee is slightly acidic, with a pH of about 5.0. Acidity is critical in marinades, especially in tougher meats, as it breaks up connective tissue, adding tenderness. This recipe calls for items that you already have in the kitchen. Mix chopped onions and garlic with leftover coffee, add a splash of soy sauce or balsamic for a quick meat rub. This goes exceptionally well with red meats like steak.


A little bit of “me time” is key to reducing stress, nourishing your mental and physical health. Energize your self care routine with these coffee-based methods.

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Make a coffee scrub to slough off dead skin. Mix about six tablespoons of ground coffee (fresh or used) with coconut oil or olive oil. Gently rub this paste on your skin in a circular motion. This scrub will leave your skin feeling soft and supple - don’t forget to moisturize after.

Hair Care

The answer to product build-up is ground coffee. Hair products build up over time, and lathering up with shampoo may not be enough to thoroughly clean your mane. Rubbing gritty coffee in your hair before you shampoo can remove product build-up. This will leave hair not only soft and smooth but healthy and strong. Use as a bi-weekly treatment for the best results.


The Savior of Grease Stains

With cooking comes a build-up of grease stains. A sponge might not be enough to rub off those stubborn grease build-ups. This is where coffee grounds come in. Sprinkle your leftover ground coffee onto pots and pans, add a sponge, and voilà: your grease mess is gone!

Soak Up Refrigerator Odors

You have probably heard of baking soda for your fridge odors but have you tried coffee grounds. In a pinch, unused and used coffee grounds can be a way to soak up the unwanted odors in your refrigerator. We aren’t judging you for forgetting your leftovers for weeks.

Become a Green Thumb

End up killing every plant you touch? Us too. Certain plants flourish in acidic conditions and benefit from a little bit of coffee. Here is a short list of acid-loving plants: Azaleas, Camellias, Hydrangeas, Magnolia, Marigolds, Iris. We suggest watering your plants every 1-2 weeks with diluted coffee. Giving them the nutrients they need, watch your green friends grow!

Step up Your Compost or Fertilizer

If you have a compost or are thinking of starting one, used coffee grounds can be a great addition to the mix. Ground coffee is a source of nitrogen, which is an essential nutrient for plants. Make sure your compost has enough ‘carbon rich’ material like dried leaves, woody prunings or newspaper to balance out this addition.

For those who have hopped on the compost bandwagon, you can try adding your ground coffee directly to the soil. To use as fertilizer, sprinkle the grounds thinly over your soil. The coffee grounds will add organic material to the soil, improving drainage, and attracting earthworms.

Coffee too Good to Waste

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Curated For You

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