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Recently, we reached a full year of “pandemic life,” and a great deal has changed over the last 365 days. Plenty of areas of our lives have changed, some for the better and others for the worse. While there are a significant number of changes to account for, arguably none have been more dramatic than the shift to working from home.

Remote working or WFH (work from home) has quickly become standard for companies around the globe, but it hasn’t been an easy transition. The pandemic impacted so many areas of our lives, and stress levels have never been higher. Throughout the year, countless people struggled with productivity, mental health, and creating a separation between work and personal life. If you are one of these people, you’re not alone! 

Struggling during a global pandemic is expected, and we’ve all been doing the best that we can. However, now that we’ve had some practice at it, remote workers are figuring out new tips and tricks for the long hours spent working from our home offices. While there’s no universal cure to the difficulties of working from your house, these few habits could make a significant impact on your life. 

We’ve compiled a few of the best tips for working from home, with the hopes that more remote employees can learn how to not only survive but thrive in a WFH environment. 

Find Your Productivity

Possibly the most prominent struggle employees have encountered centers around productivity. With the pressures of home life, work-life, and social life all wrapped up in the same space, many of us felt as though we couldn’t get our work done at the same level as before. Now, after a year of working in these conditions, we’ve started to learn how to overcome this feeling.

Productivity Tips 

Interestingly enough, as more studies have looked at work in the past year, they’ve noticed that productivity levels have remained relatively unchanged. That means we’re still getting roughly the same amount of work done but feeling less accomplished about it. Thankfully, that makes finding your productivity that much easier. 

The trick here is to realize that the idea of productivity is relative to your situation! Of course, you shouldn’t expect to work at the same level as before the pandemic; you’ve had to readjust your whole life to make working from home possible. So instead of focusing on achieving peak productivity, focus on yourself and what you need to succeed. 

With new standards and a different perspective on work, you can make minor adjustments to help you be more comfortable and motivated.

How To Be “More Productive” 

Create a Routine:

Instead of trying to work long hours, focus on making a sustainable routine for yourself. For example, the way you start the day can make a big difference for the rest of the day! A good morning routine should include physical and mental exercises to put you in a good frame of mind.

For example, coffee drinkers (like us here at Amora) can easily make a routine out of their morning brew! It only takes a few minutes a day, but being consistent about how you make your coffee, and setting aside time to enjoy it, can help start your day with a stable, enjoyable task. 

Log off:

Working from home has made one thing easier; getting distracted. Doing most of our work over the internet and on our screens has made social media more accessible during the day. With Twitter just a click away at all times, it’s essential to set some boundaries for yourself when it comes to social media. 

Only check social media during break times or after the workday is done. Social media is one of the most common obstacles that productive people must overcome. Just remember it can always wait, and reward yourself for staying focused!

Separate Home and Work...mentally: 

Before the pandemic, there were clear lines separating professional and personal life. Achieving work-life balance is much easier when work and “life” aren’t happening in the exact same place. If anything, the pandemic has made the importance of work-life balance even more apparent. 

To help create this ever-important balance, try to designate a specific area of your house for work and only use that space when on the job. This can help solidify the two areas of your life that may have been overlapping before and give you some sense of separation. 

The Bonuses of WFH

Finding your productivity might be a considerable challenge, but on the other side of things, many aspects of the work-from-home experience have been great! For one, many companies have found that employee’s work rate has remained relatively unchanged, meaning the flexible work schedule of remote work is sustainable. 

Remote working could also be saving all of us some money, as WFH employees are commuting less, eating out less often, and doing more activities at home. Just by making your own coffee every morning, you could be saving hundreds of dollars a year! 

Remote work also helps people focus on important tasks outside of work, such as spending time with families and pets or taking care of health problems that might otherwise be overlooked. While it can be hard to separate work and life, having your support systems close to you has also benefited many workers.


Not everyone is happy about working from home, but these few small changes might help! To help you get started on a consistent morning coffee routine, you can try out an Amora subscription today. 

We’ll ship you specialty coffee directly to your door, fresh from our 9-step roasting process, ready to be ground for excellent coffee every morning! It might not change your entire life, but there’s no better time to upgrade your coffee routine. Check out our blog for all the coffee tips you’ll ever need, and see how Amora can help you overcome the WFH blues!

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